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A world-changing
social network

our Purpose, Mission and Vision

Our purpose is to co-create a better world for all people, for nature, for planet Earth, and for coming generations.

Our mission is to connect, unite and empower people and organizations everywhere to co-create and implement sustainable solutions and meaningful change for the benefit of all.

Our vision is to foster an evolutionary love-based turning point in the unfolding history of

our human family.

Nelson Mandela
“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

What drives us and brings us together!

We care deeply about people and about our world.

We hold close to our heart our core values of Universal Evolutionary Love, empathy, peace, respect, tolerance, service, collaboration, inclusivity, dignity, equality, unity, positivity, sustainability, mutual responsibility and higher purpose.

We believe LOVE is the medicine that will heal the world. To achieve a planetary transformation, we must set aside what divides us and focus on what unites us. Our human family is divided in many respects, including politically, religiously and culturally. However, virtually all of us share one powerful emotion—LOVE. Our true human nature is to love and to be loved. Universal Evolutionary Love is what connects humanity and unites us all. Together, using the power of love, we can turn the wisdom within our hearts into a global force that will change the world.

We believe in the fundamental goodness of people, in the equality of all human beings and the universal human rights of peace, security, justice, liberty, privacy, quality health care and education, safe drinking water, nutritious food, adequate housing and fairly remunerated employment for all. We firmly believe that as long as there are inequalities and injustice, and people’s basic necessities of life are not met, there cannot be peace on Earth.

We affirm that planet Earth is precious—it is our common and only home. We believe that humanity is essentially one with nature. As responsible and conscious global citizens, it is our individual and collective duty to restore and preserve the Earth’s biodiversity and the vitality of the biosphere, and ensure sustainable development for all people and societies.

We affirm that our educational mission is to awaken our consciousness, and our awareness of the oneness and interconnectedness of all things. We maintain that “We are all in this world together” and “Everybody matters.” The evolution of our individual consciousness paves the way for the evolution of humanity’s collective consciousness. Individual-collective loved-based consciousness-evolution is the pristine transformative power that catalyzes lasting change in the world, from the inside out.


We affirm the urgency to take action in the face of our multiple social, political, economic and environmental challenges. We affirm our faith in humanity’s inherent genius to resolve societal and environmental problems, both locally and globally.

We believe that the digital age and our hyper-connected world have now gifted humanity with the ability to choose its own destiny.

We believe in Collective Intelligence, radical transparency, openness, collaboration, civic engagement, democratic governance and the right of open participation for all people. We affirm our commitment to search for and honor “the will of the people.”

We believe that the power to decide political questions belongs in the hands of the people. The power of “we the people,” our togetherness and the sheer force of our numbers can and will secure empowerment for everyone. 

We affirm that PeopleTogether will never be about complaining, accusing, and mere protesting. PeopleTogether is dedicated to generating real-world conscious action and effective collaboration to co-create and implement sustainable solutions and meaningful change for the benefit of all.

We are convinced that the world is ready for PeopleTogether. We are change-makers who stand firmly together to impel and co-create a better world for all people, for nature, for planet Earth, and for coming generations.

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